Retail & Restaurant Article: Transparent Program Management

Retail and Restaurant

Check out the latest issue of Retail & Restaurant Facility Business Magazine for an article from Priority Sign President, Andy Dykstra. Andy is featured in the magazine's Industry Voices outlining how program management is a critical component of a successful corporate branding project.

Retail and restaurant sign installation with confidence, pride and peace of mind.

By Andy Dykstra

You may be a Fortune 1,000 CMO, vice president of real estate services, or construction executive charged with re-branding a nationwide restaurant chain or rolling out the new brand signage related to a recent retail merger. If this (or something similar) is your task, you probably have three things top of mind while overseeing the retail or restaurant sign installation program at hundreds of locations:

  1. Finishing the project on time, consistently implemented across all company touch points at every location.
  2. Verifying that all the business signs look great, are on brand and reliably conform to program standards.
  3. Completing the entire business sign installation program within budget.

You may also be thinking that if all three were accomplished, it would be a notable achievement and a very positive contribution to your company’s success.

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