At Priority, our mission is to design, fabricate, and install high quality signage for leading global companies.

We’re guided by a core set of values and these values are evident in our culture. It is often said that any company is only as strong as its people. And that’s doubly true for ours. Our employees are Priority. When we all share the same understanding of where we’re going...when we all share the same vision of exactly what owning success means...there’s no end to what we can accomplish.

Craig and Carl, 20 years in business with Priority

Our Vision

Our Vision for Priority is to be the world’s most trusted and sought-after provider of impactful branded environments - as judged by our customers, suppliers, and employee owners.

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Priority Sign Design Team

Our Values


We generate meaningful new ideas and methods.


We think through all options then act quickly.


We treat all parties fairly and equally.


We are open and honest with clients and each other.

Top Reasons to Join Priority

1The People: Our employees regularly describe a family-like atmosphere, a sense of teamwork and innovative, resourceful co-workers who care.
2Outstanding Benefits: Our benefits package is hard to match, our employees are worth it.
3Challenging Work: Our employees enjoy the excitement, fast pace and variety that they are presented with every day.
4Knowing You are Valued: Our employees know that they matter and are appreciated for what they do each day, they know their opinions and feedback are valued.
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Company Culture

alyssa with school sign
Ron and Jenna - company of the year
Jenny, Amanda and LaRen Sign-School
sombrero group
2010 Food Drive
Walking on Boardwalk

Employee Testimonials

I have never worked for such an amazing company with the most wonderful people. I am so thankful.

Amanda C.

I feel lucky to work for a company who is gracious in helping out our community.

Jenna V.

I love it when the entire company rallies to complete a seemingly impossible task. It speaks volumes for the work ethic of so many of the people in our company who give their time and energy for the common good.

Ron D. CEO

A remarkable trait I see in our company is the ability to calmly understand a situation. Being able to pause and understand that the obstacle becomes the way.

Mark D. Senior VP

[I enjoy] the laid back environment and co-workers sense of humor. Feels like a second family.

Katie B.