Massage Envy concept interior

Environmental Design

Full 3D environmental rendering allows the display of signage and lighting in different situations. No cost solution to pre-prototyping of signage and other branded environments. All modeling translates to manufacturing software so what is rendered is built.

Massage Envy - Environmental Rendering

Design & Environmental Rendering

Following the design process, we create a construction manual for prototyping, so you can see firsthand how the design of your sign system comes to life in a real world setting – all before it’s implemented in the field. Our construction design team is well versed in manufacturing, and creates signage construction drawings that are easy to repeat consistently and cost effective.

Overseeing a brand transformation for Massage Envy.

 Exploded 3D rendering for Leidos.


The process of creating a photorealistic, 3D digital rendering of your project does more than simply show how your corporate signage will look and function in a real world environment. It also allows for testing and modification before committing to a manufactured prototype. Sometimes simple suggestions at this stage can help reduce manufacturing costs considerably.

Exploded 3D rendering for Leidos.