Wisconsin ESOP Journal's Featured Member: Priority Inc

Priority Team

From the Wisconsin ESOP Journal, Quarterly Newsletter of WI Chapter of the ESOP Association 

Priority, Inc has had a very eventful 2019 so far! Everything we are as a company is made possible by our employee‐owners. When we all share the same understanding of where we’re going... when we all share the same vision of exactly what owning success means... there’s no end to what we can accomplish.

And this sentiment is never truer when we all met for our Annual Stock Reveal Business Meeting and Family Picnic on July 16th. As a company with a lot of remote offices, our summer meeting is the best time for all of our Owners to gather together in one place. This year we held workshops with groups of Owners to discuss how our company works and what we can do as Owners to better it.

After successful breakout sessions, we met with our families for our 2nd Annual Family Picnic. It was a fun-filled, sunny day with a food truck, kickball tournament, a water balloon fight and many laughs. All the kids and families loved it and we can’t wait for next year’s Picnic!

Priority, Inc has evolved into a successful company because the parts we bring as an ESOP has made us all take pride, commitment, and more importantly, ownership within our company that has overflowed into our daily lives! It is why, with great pride, that we not only call ourselves an ESOP Company, but an ESOP Family.